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I am happy to recommend Susanne's services to anyone in need of content and facilitation for journeys into the personal and group learning zone.


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Martin Rutte
I highly recommend her to you if you'd like to go to the next level in your personal and work life...with ease and grace


Almost everything you say is quote material!
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Have you ever looked for a book on personal leadership and leading others that represents the new paradigm? Seeing the big picture? 

Have you been searching for the meaning of life - as a person and as a leader?

Do you feel that the management area is under rapid changes without fully knowing the direction?

If you notice the signs in the environment and in yourself - an inner heaviness and longing for something different, more joy, more sustainability - even more of what you dream about?

A study shows that if the director is in crisis, it is seen with a decline of 15% in the results!

Here is the book that goes to the core and cuts COMPLETELY to the bone about being human and leader. The book is packed with different approaches and tools that will help individuals and organiations to more passion, energy, vibrant health, purpose and GREAT sustainable results. It is also about building the bridge between science and spirituality.

With an evidence-based approach rooted in the latest brain research, quantum physics and epigenetics you get a unique new and sustainable approach to life as a manager and leader s, and learn why the current practice fails. It is about change management, which enables people to realize their full potential. It's about leadership from the heart, the seat of our inner wisdom.

This book is for managers who wants to be the pioneers of this leadership paradigm shift, and has the courage and the desire to be challenged on its concepts. We are facing a quantum leap. This book is your gateway to life and job satisfaction for you and your employees, and to sustainable growth in a cool way. Farewell crisis. Goodbye Jante Law.

Welcome to the future. The new era of personal leadership and leading others. 

Book reviews:

Børsen (biggest danish business paper) mentioned on the 19 / 11-2014 my book "Director Manual - Leaderhip from the heart" (in danish):

"This book is for leaders ready to be challenged on their current leadership understanding"

"The book deals with leadership. It presents a variety of tools that can be used to become a better leader. The author suggests that we are moving from the masculine paradigm of leadership - that has unsustainable growth as the first priority - into a greater balance between growth and sustainability on all levels with a more feminine way and values. This book is for leaders ready to be challenged on existing terminology".

Rikke Mølgaard, Marketing Director, Aalborg Airport (ex. Part in the mastermind group, writes the following:

"The balance between theory and practice is perfect, and so is your language - being straightforward and honest"

"Dear Susanne! Just want to say that I with great pleasure and eagerness have read in your book EVERY night - as soon as I have put down the children and told my husband that I just HAVE to read! The balance between theory and practice is perfect and so is your language being straightforward and honest. "

Åge Dragsted- cand. Economics, CMC, managing partner, Dragsted- Development, writes the following:              

"If your dream as a leader is to be a light to others, then go for the light in this book"

Who does not dream of becoming a good leader? Him or her with the natural authority that everyone listens to when he / she speaks. Anyone who enjoys his employees' respect and affection, and who find that the employees will go through fire and water for themselves. As they create good results because he or she gets the best out of the employees.

If you have that dream, read Susanne Frandsen's "Directors Manual - Leadership from the heart." It stands out from all other books on leadership and management. It is neither a dry theoretical book or just another popular "just do it" manual with obvious instructions. No, this is a book with a deeply serious message written with a contagious passion.

The main message is that if you want to be a good leader who can lead others through time and job frantic turbulence, start with yourself. The old paradigm of leadership is not enough for the unpredictable challenges in the leadership field. This requires new paradigms and a new management practice, that differs from past applied management theory and experience. Accepting that there is a dimension between knowledge and belief, in which we find both inspiration and energy. It is already becoming a broad understanding and recognition. Mindfulness consultants have long provided inspiration for change processes in companies, and organizational and management writers as C. Otto Scharmer (creator of Theory U) and Danish Hildebrandt has helped to give it a management theory foundation.

But Susanne Frandsen makes it present and alive in a new and very inspiring way. She takes it - with her book - from the HR level to management and board level. That is where the transformational decisions are taken. Hence the book's title, Director Manual. It is written for those who most need the book's message - and the need to have pride in what they do and decide.

"If you want to lead others, you must have gone the way yourself" is Susanne Frandsen irrefutable statement. That she has done, and she does not shy away from sharing her own experiences from his own transformational journey, even when it gets private. But this is anything but confessional literature. Susanne Frandsen holds on to her professionalism as a management coach and provides over 18 chapters and 330 pages a very thorough introduction to both the theory and method about the new leadership paradigm. She quotes a wide range of well-known authors in the field, and involves both brain research, quantum physics and epigenetics.

While the book is filled and well-founded, it is not heavy reading, on the contrary. It is seasoned with a number of good instructions and examples, challenging questions for self-reflection, good and clear models and diagrams that make the drug easily accessible. But above all, the book is supported by an easy and engaging language, and Susanne Frandsen's genuine enthusiasm. She nails it. Sweeping you away and holding your attention - making you understand and believe. It is real and it is relevant.

If your dream is to be a leader guiding others with your light, then go for the light in this book. It deserves to be read and lived out by the directors and executives, it has been written to. Its messages can change leaders and the world!

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