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Per Lauritsen
I am happy to recommend Susanne's services to anyone in need of content and facilitation for journeys into the personal and group learning zone.


After our 3 hour skype session, I was literally blown away!
Kelsey Beth


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Martin Rutte
I highly recommend her to you if you'd like to go to the next level in your personal and work life...with ease and grace


Almost everything you say is quote material!
Monique Blokzyl


Let's play a game.

It is called Pain Island vs. Pleasure Island. And no, it has nothing to do with TV3 broadcast "Paradise" to do.

(If necessary. This article about my passion).

On Pain Island rains and palm trees have withered.

The residents are out of balance. Wither as the palm trees. They are affected by stress and burnout. And some eat painkillers or depressants like candy. Glædebarometeren is low. They are trapped in their history. But it's not something they flakes. No. One should not complain. Perhaps it is only expressed at home. At work you are doing it. Barely. But fear the future. Because if you must be honest. So you lack direction in life. It feels. Servant. To put it in Jutland.

Not far away is Pleasure Island. Here is bursting with palm trees and residents of health. Energy. Balance. Joy. They feel a high degree of meaning in life. They are PASSIONATE. Burner. Instead of burning out. They live in abundance. On all accounts. They live in the present. There is no future in using the present to ærge over the past. Seems to be their motto. It is now, it's snowing. They have let go of their history. The heavy baggage. By limiting beliefs. Which inhibits them. Private. And at work. Prevents them. In the lived life. Fully. They experience flow. And synchronicity. So that there is no sweeping in front of their curling ball. Everything that comes with CLARITY. Over your life purpose.

Fortunately, there is a boat. From Pain Island to Pleasure Island. It's called Susanne Frandsen - leadership from the heart. Your own purposes. It sails with passengers. Every day. Both group tours and individual travel. In masterminds, lectures, workshops and one to one sessions. There's even written a manual. Director Manual - Management from the heart.

On the trip to Pleasure Island. You learn to fish. Your own fish. You learn to become captain. On your own ship. CEO of your own life. So you can be for others. You get a guided tour around the islets. As "Last brain research". "Last quantum physics." And not least, the beautiful little island "Epigenetics".

At Pleasure Island you achieve the coveted. Permanente. Honeymoon effect. Layer by layer. You learn to peel your onion. So you are pure in your essence. And live a "happy ever after" life together with the other on Pleasure Island. On the island you will find. Future leaders & Future employees. The island where everyone is in their genital area.

Book a workshop and learn how to clean up your inner leadership. It is a tour de neuroscience, quantum physics, epigenetics and passion test. The hare height and VERY practical. It is transforming.

For a detailed talk about the possibilities?


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