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Per Lauritsen
I am happy to recommend Susanne's services to anyone in need of content and facilitation for journeys into the personal and group learning zone.


After our 3 hour skype session, I was literally blown away!
Kelsey Beth


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Martin Rutte
I highly recommend her to you if you'd like to go to the next level in your personal and work life...with ease and grace


Almost everything you say is quote material!
Monique Blokzyl


Product/service: Price:
E-book - "Director Manual - Leadership from the heart" (Only in danish) kr. 250
The book "Director Manual - Leadership from the heart" (Only in danish) kr. 350

Online-course, 6 transforming modules . 24 lections. Only in danish. 

kr. 3.875/6.875 plus taxes.

1-to-1 Breakthrough session including the Passion test

(1 session of 4 hours: Personal meeting or Skype and a half-hour written follow-up)


666 Euros


Lecture 2 hours incl. preparation / follow-up

Basic Fee kr. 9.800

> 30 participants kr. 150 per participant

kr. 9.800 plus taxes + participation fee of kr. 150 per person > 30 participants.

Half-day Workshop incl. preparation / follow-up

(including passion test for groups - four hours - prep and followup included)


kr. 12.000 plus taxes.

Day Workshop incl. preparation / follow-up kr. 24.000 plus taxes.

6 months' of intensive and exclusive membership Mastermind (max. 8 members per. Group). 6 physical meetings in the group 9-15 and 6 personal physical or skype meetings of an 1.5 hours.
incl. closed community on facebook. 

A six months' intensive course focused on increasing your understanding of yourself and others. It makes you able to take the lead in this ongoing shift of our current leadership paradigm, where we move from time management to energy management to create lasting positive results. 

A total of 46 hours over six months.

1. Meeting: Here we go in depth with the structure of the brain as an introduction to the passion test, to understand why the test works and takes care of the neccesary reprogramming of your brain to remove your limiting beliefs about yourself and others. 

2. Meeting: "The Director's sense of water", based on a exciting presentations on research in water I prove why you need to focus on appreciative dialogue in your company and with yourself. And not least, what the consequences are of not having it. Group discussion about how we translate it to your management practices. In addition, group sharings where everyone shares their process.

3. Meeting: Presentation on "The Directors crisis gifts" and "The Director as a Story Teller" - How do you build a signature story that you can use in your organization to get people on board in any change neccesary. Discussion and feedback on how to translate it into practice. In addition, group sharings where everyone shares their process.

4. Meeting: Presentation on "Director's dark sides" and "The Director beliefs "- and how to translate it to your management practices. What blind spots you have, and what can you learn from them? In addition, group sharings where everyone shares their process.

5. Meeting: Presentation on "Director's compass." What our body and emotions for us? Teach your home language and learn to listen inwardly to your intuition? In addition, group sharings where everyone shares their process.

6. Meeting: Presentation on "The sustainable Director" and "The co-creative Director ". Discussion and feedback on what it means for the role of strategic leadership and for your company's existence in the long lane? In addition, group sharings where everyone shares their process.

Bonus: Closed online community on Facebook where you can regularly spar with the others in the group and ask me questions. My book "Director Manual - Management from the heart." (In danish)

This course is also offered to management groups in specific organizations.

kr. 30.000 plus taxes.

1-to-1 breaktrough sessions - 6 sessions of 2 hours a (In person, telephone or Skype)

1-1 Breakthrough session -  1 session of 1.5 hours.    

kr. 10.800 plus taxes.

kr. 1.500

All prices are excluding VAT and possible. travel and subsistence costs.

100% satisfaction guarantee.

For a detailed talk about the possibilities?


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