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Per Lauritsen
I am happy to recommend Susanne's services to anyone in need of content and facilitation for journeys into the personal and group learning zone.


After our 3 hour skype session, I was literally blown away!
Kelsey Beth


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Martin Rutte
I highly recommend her to you if you'd like to go to the next level in your personal and work life...with ease and grace


Almost everything you say is quote material!
Monique Blokzyl


I am happy to recommend Susanne's services to anyone in need of content and facilitation for journeys into the personal and group learning zone.

"During the past years, I have had the pleasure of experiencing Susanne in 1:1 as well as group sessions. With empathy, and a wide and deep knowledge base – theoretical as well as practical - concerning all that drives and inhibits organizational and individual change, Susanne is able to inspire reflection and to provoke thinking. A memorable riposte to a participant stating his belief to be pretty well developed already was, "if you believe you have finished your personal development, you are probably more "finished" than developed". I am happy to recommend Susanne's services to anyone in need of content and facilitation for journeys into the personal and group learning zone".
Per Lauritsen, CEO GEA Danmark..

If you are looking for at breakthtrough!

If you are looking for at breakthtrough to move forward in your life or career, Susanne Frandsen (The healer, that heals everything and everybody) is the go-to expert for you. I loved her deep, insighful skype session, that I had with her. Not only beuase it re-ignited my passions and purpose, but it is also how she managed to help me releasing what has been holding me back in life. A profound transformational leader.
Runa Magnusdottir - Leadership & Personal Branding Strategist * Intern. Speaker *(CEO) Helping Organisational Leaders to Become The Change

"I can not remember any course ever moved me so much, both professionally and personally."

"I have completed a mastermind course by Susanne and I can not remember any course ever that transformed me so much, both professionally and personally. The great thing about the course was that Susanne created a powerful link between the professional and the personal, so much so, that I strongly feel the whole of it into my heart and from that, my experience is that I could make myself better in all contexts both on the job and in my private life. I have only high praise and respect left for Susanne's skills, which I will always recommend. Susanne has a high degree of empathy and is very respectful, which means that she is eminently at meeting the individual where he or she is, and so she works out from that point. "
Anja Jorgensen, Ph.D. and Director SOSU

"Six months in Susanne's mastermind group in her living room with seven amazing people has changed my outlook on life, and changed life itself. I was a young 24-year-old man, who was the owner of my own organic business. I was filled with frustrations, low energy, lack of confidence and balance. A presentation by Susanne about the brain, quantum physics, epigenetics and the passion test set the framework for our common journey.

With words I can hardly describe the atmosphere and energy that we created together. The best way is probably to think about our "round the living room," that we always completed before the month's presentation by Susanne.

"The round the living room" gave an insight into each other's "WINS". No one could in their wildest imagination understand what quantum leaps that the participants took, and it was quite common to say, "Well, let's hear how your world has turned upside down - in a good way." Most of all I've got complete trust in life, in me, balance in life and experiencing a high renewable energy and synchronicity of high degree.

All this is a result of Susanne's presentations and coaching, the group's energy, and the building of my own inner compass. I am deeply grateful to have spent so many hours in Susanne's living room. Without doubt the best gift I have ever received. My greatest and warmest recommendation goes out to all directors who feel resistance, stress, imbalance, frustration, illness or simply want to lead others by imparting meaning and bringing out the best in others. That is what Susanne can - help you to understand your life's full potential, and guide you towards living it. "
Tobias Rank - former owner and director of the farm shop in Skanderborg. 

"Over the last 20 years, I have participated in all different types of physical, mental, and emotional healing sessions -but none has been as transformative as my session with Susanne. After our session, I was literally blown away; it was the first time I have ever seen my lifeline with clarity - what I need to break through, what my purpose is, what I still need to heal, and where I am headed.

You can tell that this is Susanne’s soul work by how good she is at it. During the session, not only did I feel understood and seen - but I was laughing and having fun the entire time. She teaches you, deeply and authentically listens during the entire session, and asks the questions that lead to more reflection and awareness of the self.

I have so much love and respect for Susanne and what she does - and I would recommend her to anyone and everyone. It is more than worth it.

After the session, I already feel so many beliefs and patterns have changed on an energetic level - and I know, will continue to change as I carry out the reprogramming of my brain.

Thank you Susanne! You are everything".
Kelsey Beth, co-founder of Whole 'n happy and yoga teacher

"A few years ago I introduced Janet Attwood to Denmark and she has since then given her popular Passions Test programs for my members and customers. One of my first participants, Susanne Frandsen, now has the passion test as an integral part of her coaching and mentoring and when I was in a situation thinking about divorce I needed help. For me Susannes coaching and use of the passion test was of great help in my clarification. It helped me to clarify my needs, passions and values and it made my decision much easier to accept and live with.

Even if you, like me, get personal development in overdoses and work with it professionally, it's always nice to get feedback and coaching from skilled colleagues in the industry, and Susanne has with her academic and managerial background a very fine way of dealing with managers and owner-managers working with their personal skills."
Thomas Rex Frederiksen, Serial Entrepreneur and Director of Speakers Club and Elevate and co-founder of True North Denmark and Norway.

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