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Everything is energy. Period.

You know if there is good or bad energy. In you and in your surroundings. Good vibes or bad vibes. All of that is an expression of energy. Even if you cannot see it – you can feel it!

Would you like to master energy at a level, where you can:
  • Find your WHY, your purpose and passion aka your superpower?
  • Keep up the inner and outer energy level, and master managing yourself and others into living a balanced life full of joy and exitement?
  • Have a good and sustainable team work with your body – without sickness, pain, anxiety, depression, burnout, low self esteem, stress and other symptoms like being tired all of the time?
  • Be in a good flow?
  • Lead successful change – inspiring others to change effortlessly?
  • Be a good rolemodel walking the path of personal growth and development being successful, passionate, healthy and having a high levels of self esteem and self worth?
  • Bring your organization to grow on all bottom lines. Both the personal growth and the economic growth through a sustainable and passion driven high performance culture without the limiting beliefs that hold us back – combined with a purpose driven work culture for everyone based on effective strategies that stems from a unique understanding of energy executed through magnetic leadership, where you and everyone else – like “magic” – attracts what we long for? Why? Because we can!

It means a so long and goodbye to stress, frustration, fear, sickness, hopelessness, bad relationships, bad change management og bad results. If you are ok with that, then we are a good match!

Susanne has a masters degree in strategic management and courses in business psychology paired with 15 Years of experience from the corporate world as Key Account Manager, Management Consultant and professional boardmember.

She also has a long list of holistic training, which she now and since 2010 successfully has used to build the bridge between the old performance driven lifestyle and business culture to the new eras sustainable passion & purpose driven lifestyle and business culture. We are in the midst of birthing the new eras of individuals and organizations. Are you in?

Contact me on +45 25 776 774 or for a free break through session on the phone/zoom or skype.

15 minutes for individuals and 60 minutes for organizations.

I am a catalyst for that change process

And that goes for the development of both successful personal life strategies and change strategies in organizations.

It is all about building the bridge between the brain and the heart. Heart-brain coherence is where we whole-heartedly do what we do and thereby make use of all of our intelligence!

But sometimes the longest road in the world is the one from our brain to our heart – most people use the body as a means of transportation for the brain – thinking the brain is superior to the heart.

In fact it is the other way around – the heart is the very first to be developed when you were a fetus and when it stops beating, it is your time! All along it is your inner GPS and your higher wisdom – do you listen?

Heart-brain coherence can be measured – also on the financial bottom line. We get stressed, when we are out of sync with ourselves and that energy is contagious to everything we DO and everything we ARE.

All my tools are based on a holistic view on the individual and the organization founded on the newest science on the brain, heart, epigenetics and Quantum physics combined with my extensive experience from my corporate days.

What I teach and practise is not yet common knowledge, but it should be, because it works!

There are laws of nature like the law of gravity that always works. Whether you believe in it – or not!

And with that knowledge you can calculate whether the life strategy or business strategy of your choice – works. So why not adjust it accordingly? NOW! Again it all comes down to understanding energy.

It is all about adjusting your thinking and the tools you use, so that they are abiding by the simple laws of nature.

My superpower is finding yours! I do so by being a change enzyme & catalyst. I find the crack in you and your organization. The crack is were the light enters. Your light. I work like an ”Obsidian knife” – I cut to the bone with as little blood loss as possible and the expedites “healing process” and my method is based on teaching you how to do it yourself.

Clients say

Change Enzyme & Catalyst

An enzyme is a biomolecule, a catalyst, that speeds up the process of a chemical process and a catalyst is furthermore characterized by starting a change process without being directly involved in the process itself.

Obsidian knife

I cut to the bone in all problem areas and challenges. It comes from a unique understanding of energy and the laws of nature. As with an Obsidian knife it happens in a way, where the blood loss is minimized and the healing process is speeded up.

When we know better, we can do better.

Book your free break-through session on +45 25 776 774 or We will do it by phone/zoom or skype.

• 15 minutes for individuals.
• 60 minutes for organizations.


I help individuals in all ages & organizations in all sizes.

You don’t need to be a leader for others, but I have big expertise within the field of management/leadership qua my background.

Expect a break-through!

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