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Who is Susanne Frandsen

Susanne Frandsen is the author of the Børsen reviewd book “Directors Manual – Leading from the heart” (only in danish), transformational public speaker (DK & UK) and facilitator of the new leadership paradigm for individuals and organizations.

Susanne has a masters degree in strategic management and courses in business psychology paired with 15 Years of experience from the corporate world as Key Account Manager, Management Consultant and professional boardmember.

She also has a long list of holistic training, which she now and since 2010 successfully has used to build the bridge between the old performance driven lifestyle and business culture to the new eras sustainable passion & purpose driven lifestyle and business culture. We are in the midst of birthing the new eras of individuals and organizations. Are you in?

Contact me on +45 25 776 774 or susanne@susannefrandsen.dk for a free break through session on the phone/zoom or skype.

15 minutes for individuals and 60 minutes for organizations.