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The Leadership Challenges of today

Let’s play a game. It is called Pain Island vs. Pleasure Island.

On Pain Island it rains and The palm trees are nearly dead.

The residents are out of balance. Almost dead like the palm trees. They are stressed and burned out. They eat painkillers and depressants like candy. Happyness is only but a memory. They are trapped in their history. But it’s not something they flash. Noone complains. It is only expressed at home. At work you are doing it. Barely. But fear the future. Because, if you must be honest, you lack direction in life. Things feels heavy.

It is all about doing doing doing, and very little about being. Everything is performance driven. Very little is passion driven. Life feels like a drag.

Not far away you will find Pleasure Island.

The palm trees and the residents shines and looks healthy in every way. They radiate. Energy. Balance. Joy. They feel a high degree of purpose in life. They are PASSIONATE. They are on fire. But do not burn out. They live in abundance. On all areas of life. They live in the now. There is no future in using the present to feel bad about the past seems to be their motto. They have let go of their history. The heavy luggage of limiting beliefs. That prevent them from livind their dream life. They experience flow. And synchronicity. They have CLARITY over their direction in life and their life purpose. It benefits them hugely both privately and workwise.

Fortunately, there is a boat. From Pain Island to Pleasure Island. It’s called Susanne Frandsen – Catalyzing Change. It takes passengers. Every day. Both group tours and individual travels. In masterminds, lectures, workshops and one to one sessions. There’s even written a manual. Director Manual – Management from the heart (only in danish).

On the trip to Pleasure Island. You learn how to fish. Your own fish. You learn how to become captain. Of your own ship. The CEO of your own life. You get a guided tour around the isles; “Latest brain & heart research”. “Latest quantum physics.” And not least, the beautiful little island “Epigenetics”.

At Pleasure Island you achieve longed for “Honeymoon effect” – permanently. And live a “happy ever after” life together with the other people on Pleasure Island. On this island you will find the Future leaders & Future employees as well as your future love partners. The island where everyone has found their superpower.

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