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Mastermind IRL – how to become a master of your mind and life

How would you like to find your purpose – your WHY – and to live it out with ease and joy? It is possible – let me guide you in this intense and transforming breakthrough workshop over 6 months.

“I can not remember any course ever moved me so much, both professionally and personally.”

“I have completed a mastermind course by Susanne and I can not remember any course ever moved me so much, both professionally and personally. The great thing about the course was that Susanne created a link between the professional and the personal, then so strongly feel the whole into his heart and from that, my experience is that I could make myself better in all contexts both on the job and in my private life. I have only high praise and respect left for Susan’s skills, which I will always recommend. Susanne has a high degree of empathy, she is empathetic and very respectful, which means that she is eminently to meet the individual where he or she is, and so she works out from that point. ” Anja Jorgensen, Ph.D. and Director SOSU (Anja then sent his deputy away and now the whole management team of 12 members working on a joint program)

“The course has changed my outlook on life, and changed life itself.”

“Six months in Susanne’s mastermind group in her living room with seven amazing people that has changed my outlook on life, and changed life itself. I was a young 24-year-old man, who was president of my own organic business. I was filled with frustrations , low energy, lack of confidence and balance. A presentation by Susanne about the brain, quantum physics, epigenetics and passion test set the framework for our common development, people and directors.

With words I can hardly describe the atmosphere and energy that together we created. The best way is probably to think about our “round the room,” as we always completed before the month’s presentation by Susanne.

“The living room around” gave an insight into each other’s “WINS” lately. No one could in their wildest imagination understand what quantum participants train and it was quite natural to say, “Well, let’s hear how your world is turned upside down.” Well and mark on the very positive way. Most of all I’ve got complete confidence in life, balance in life and experiencing a high renewable energy related synchronicity of higher degree.

All this is a result of Susanne’s presentations and coaching, the group’s energy, and the building of my own inner compass. I am deeply grateful to have spent so many hours in Susan’s room. Without doubt the best gift I have ever received. My greatest and warmest recommendation goes out to all directors who feel resistance, stress, imbalance, frustration, illness or simply want to lead others by imparting meaning and bring out the best in others. It is what Susanne can – help you to understand your life’s potential, and guide you towards live it. ” Tobias Rank – former owner and director of the farm shop in Skanderborg.

The toolkit provides a whole new way of looking at leadership. It is a fusion of business psychology, spiritual-based leadership, latest research in quantum physics, brain research, research on water, energy psychology and self-development. The topics are:

  • Find your WHY and remove any inner resistance you have
  • How to cope with crisis with ease and grace
  • How to master Corporate Storytelling
  • How to master your mind and the corporate culture
  • How to navigate with your inner GPS
  • How to successfully co-create with your team

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